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Getting fit for Mission

This year The Salvation Army celebrates it’s 150th year of existence. To celebrate this momentous year and to help raise funds for Peterborough Salvation Army we have decided to set ourselves a charity challenge.

Park Run LogoYou may have heard of the now global phenomenon ‘Parkrun’. For those of you that haven’t, let me quickly explain. Parkrun is a volunteer run event where joggers of all abilities attempt to make their way around a 5km course. The event happens all over the world at 9am every Saturday morning. The event times how quickly you complete the course, and so the only person you are competing against each week is yourself.

There are a number of people from the corps that participate in the event and so we have decided to turn this fantastic event into an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to raise both funds and awareness for The Salvation Army.

Collectively our aim is to complete 150 Parkrun events during the year, starting on the 14th February. i.e. Each time a person completes the course = 1 Parkrun completed.

So how will we raise money? For starters, each of us will pay £1 towards the fund every time we complete a race. Hopefully we complete our 150 runs and maybe even go beyond that target – which means we’ll raise at least £150.

However, we would love our friends and families to support us too. “How can we support?” I hear you all cry. Well, you can support in a number of ways:

  • Pray:- It would appear that some of us need your prayer support more than others whilst running, but we would all appreciate your prayerful support on a Saturday morning. We would love for people to become aware of a contingent of Salvationists running around Ferry Meadows on a Saturday morning, and there may even be questions and conversations that spring from it.
  • Cheers:- Why not come along to Ferry Meadows on a Saturday Morning and support us. We won’t all be running every week, so it may be best to check if we are running prior to sacrificing your Saturday Morning lie in – but it’s at a beautiful location, there’s a great atmosphere, the parking is FREE, and you can grab a coffee from the coffee shop.  You would not believe the difference a bit of encouragement makes to joggers and runners.
  • Donate:- It’s literally never been easier to donate:   You can visit our just giving page. Donate ButtonYou can text your donation to 70070:– just write in your message -‘and your amount. e.g. Send ‘PCPI50 £5’ to 70070
    Alternatively, you can see some of us in person and donate in the old fashioned way!

Lastly, you may even fancy having a go at completing the course yourself. It really is open to runners/joggers/walkers of all abilities. Speak to one of the team and we can arrange for someone to accompany you. You can help us reach our target of number of runs, whilst contributing to the fund AND improving your own fitness levels.