Peterborough Salvation Army

With heart to God and hand to man


Phot of John - Testimony For many years I was a comfortable atheist.  I believed that I was a product of consequence and there was a legitimate explanation for everything through science, eventually.  But although scientific discoveries can satisfy an inquiring mind on how we got here, it does little to explain why, and for that matter what do we do now?  I began to study some of the larger questions of philosophy and ethics, and one element of my world-view that I kept stumbling upon was the lack of moral anchor.  All of my ethical reference points were only relevant for this period of time and none other.  This poses great difficulties when considering your own position, as the question begins to emerge: “Why Bother?”  The possibility of living for yourself and rejecting all forms of altruism becomes a rational posture to hold.  However, this did not sit comfortably with me, nor does it appear to sit comfortably with most of society, despite modern secularisation.  I began to question my original world-view.  Was I looking at this from the wrong angle?

A realisation began to sink in that there is more than a possibility that we were created for a purpose.  After all we do seem to have a moral guideline that is integral to us.  Although many will transgress to varying degrees of severity, we all feel a sense of guilt for such transgressions.  At this point my enquiry became: “Who is this creator, and do I need to thank him?”  Among the many deities spoke of around the world one clearly stands tall and steadfast.  And that is the God of Abraham, celebrated by Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The only way to know such a being is to open your heart to Him and He will place you where you are meant to be.  For me, that was in a local Salvation Army Church, learning about the good word of Jesus Christ, and slowly ridding myself of the bondage that a material life imposes.

When I originally began to read the Bible, I expected to find a book that told me of everything that I was doing wrong.  I was surprised to find that it didn't.  Instead, it told me about a loving friend that had always been there, but I had previously chose to ignore.  The Bible gave me a certainty in who I am, where I’ve come from and where I'm going - a unique certainty that only Jesus can offer. As I got to know this friend, my life took on a direction.  There was now absolution in the big questions about life and what to do with it.  From what was a black and white existence without God, I can now enjoy full colour in his glory.   At one time I may have felt comfortable as an Atheist, but now I could never go back to a life without the love of Jesus.