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With heart to God and hand to man


Georgia ProfileWhen I first started at my old school some people thought I was a bit weird for believing in God and some even made fun of me.

When they made fun of me it hurt and sometimes made me cry.  

I was lucky that my family encouraged me to continue in my beliefs and stay strong.  

I have to admit that because of this I did NOT talk about God with my friends and for a while I kept my faith to myself.  At times though I realised that my beliefs made me more understanding and forgiving and that people valued this in me.  

It didn’t take very long though for people to realise I was just like them and that I still liked most of the things that they liked and they started to trust me.   I was able to share some of the fun things I did with my church like singing, playing in the band and the Big Adventure.  I hope that I changed peoples opinion of what it was like to be a Christian but i don’t know. 

I have just started a new school.  I don’t know many people there and people don’t know me so it would be easy to pretend I never go to Church and don’t have any faith.

I have decided not to do this as what’s the point in keeping something that I believe in and makes me happy quiet?  

I am lucky in that my new school encourages the Christian faith and we have a chapel and a Chaplain who encourages us to grow in our faith or discover it if we haven’t already. 

Some of the other children have only been to church for weddings and christenings so I am seen as someone to turn to for advice which I think is quite funny.

I try to always live my life in a Christian way but I don’t always succeed.  Sometimes I get carried away with the crowd and do or say things that I later regret.  

I am lucky in that in my church I have Abigail and Morgan as role models they are never afraid to stand 

up for what they believe – well if they are I have never seen it.

My parents have lots of friends who don’t believe in Jesus but respect their beliefs totally.

Sometimes it is fun to listen to them having discussions about faith with their friends as I often learn something I didn’t know.  There is never any bad feeling at the end they all just agree to disagree. 

This has taught me that it is ok to be different that it, won’t stop people liking you and in some cases it will strengthen friendships. 

I think it is important for me to tell people about my faith but just as important for them to listen and not judge.  

In the bible it says:

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength and Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."

This is one of my favourite quotes from the bible and something I will always try to do.

Thank you