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Connect is the new name for what is happening with men linked to the Salvation Army church here in Peterborough. With the strap line of “Because men matter!” the aim of connect is to do exactly what it says, connect the male members of our church, of all age groups, together in a way that will hopefully enable us all to then connect to our friends, family and acquaintances beyond our church circle, forming a connected network to support each other.

Connect is a vision for men’s fellowship, providing a method for connecting men both internal and external to our fellowship, getting them to meet under the banner of common ground, but underpinning each meeting with the opportunity for any attendee to connect for the following reasons:

  • A new ideas for a reason for men to get together and do
  • A request for physical or practical help
  • A request for a “life related” help i.e. mental health, coping with life etc
  • A request for prayer support

The pattern for the network is firstly to ask men to connect and register, in the details provided for registration will be included:

  • Contact methods
  • Preferred (primary) contact or communication method
  • Interests, hobbies or past times that the member enjoys or would like to do
  • Practical skills or abilities that the member is able to share with other members

This information will enable us to identify popular reasons to connect and also the best ways to communicate with the members what is going on.

It is important to note that attendance is not compulsory and not every member has to attend every event, it may be they only attend one type of event, or they may choose to attend many, the important fact is that our men are presented with multiple opportunities to connect and they can chose which they prefer.

Every planned event will have a nominated “Connect Leader” who is an active member of our church, the leader is responsible for completing the Connect admin for the event.

At the start of every Connect event, attention is drawn to the connect Request forms, these forms allow any attendee to complete and request any of the following:

  • A new idea or reason for a Connect meet
  • Physical or Practical Help with something
  • Life Related request for help
  • Request for prayer support
  • Update of contact information

As the form can be used for a multitude of reasons, keeping the content confidential means that other members should never know or be able to work out the contents and the completed form should be placed in the connect box, to which only the leadership has access.

NB to reiterate the box and forms will be available at every connect event.

There will be a central panel of leadership who will then prayerfully match the need with someone who can meet that need, add the request to a prayer journal and ensure the request is covered sufficiently, act on the request for a new event or update the central contact information.

So why not sign up to Connect, make a suggestion as to what you may like to do and let’s start getting together with a renewed purpose.

Martyn Hobbs