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Profile of Stuart Dockerill

How I share my faith with my friends

Most of you know me but for those of you who don’t I’m Stuart and I play in the YP band and worship group.  I am currently in the sixth form at Kings School and am studying Maths, Biology, RS, PE and General Studies for my AS levels.  I am enjoying the extra privileges that come with being in the sixth form but not necessarily the extra hard work required.

In my spare time I play cricket for Castor village first men’s team and also am a member of the under 17s Hunts County Cricket team which plays throughout the summer.  Cricket is my passion and through this I have met so many different players from young to old. 

This morning I am making promises to follow Jesus because I believe in him and I love him because I know he loves me.

At school my friends know I go to the Salvation army and I tell them about the salvation army and they all respect me for what I believe in and are interested in what we do here.

In my cricket team sometimes I am teased for not drinking or swearing but they have now accepted this and recently presented me with a giant size bottle of coke as my hat-trick on my birthday was voted “Champagne moment” of the season by them. 

I strongly believe in the power of prayer and there have been times when God has answered prayer, for example, last year I took my GCSE exams and I prayed to God asking that he would help me and everyone else who would be taking the exams and my friends and I were pleased with the results we achieved. I talk to God daily and thank him for the good things he provides in my life.

In the corps there are so many people that have encouraged me at different times but this morning I would like to say a special thank you to my family, Mandy, Nathan, Paul, members of the YP band and the worship group and Allister and Kathleen.  There are many others but we don’t have time this morning.

Thank you for listening (and reading)