Peterborough Salvation Army

With heart to God and hand to man


Photo of Joy - TestimonyI left the Salvation Army around 6yrs ago to attend a Baptist church, but during my time there I didn’t make any friends and found it hard to be accepted and to become involved in the church and use the skills God has given me.

I’ve always had a heart for the Army, I missed the people and singing with the Songsters.

For the last 4 years, after being made redundant, I’ve worked away which meant that there were periods of time when I was unable to meet with other Christians. I’d listen to songs and teaching on Premier Christian radio and Joyce Meyers daily Bible message, then one day I Googled ‘Peterborough Songsters’ and couldn’t believe how many songs I could listen to on YouTube! Amazing! I then started reading the Corps Newsletter on-line too.

Over a period of time God directed my mind towards coming along to the ‘Christmas Extravaganza’ – I was amazed at how many people spoke with me and not only said “Hello” but were conversational too. Two weeks later I found myself at the Carol service where again, people were just as friendly.

Bible teaching is important to me and I felt prompted by God to come along on Sundays when I wasn’t working and check the Officers out and listen to their teaching.

Ken, who I knew from my previous time at the Army regularly commented ‘so you’ve come back!!’ to which I replied "no, just visiting"!!

In March Julian invited me to join Songsters and I really started to feel like I’d returned home.

I know that this is the place where God has brought me, so I spoke with Kathy our Officer regarding going back into uniform, which is important for me as I feel it’s part of my statement of faith.

Being formally welcomed back during today's service (20/7/2014) I found the theme for the meeting, ‘Going Deeper into Fellowship’, quite appropriate for me as although I’ve continued over the years to maintain my relationship with God and to have fellowship with Him, it was the need of fellowship with other people that brought me back to the Salvation Army. I chose the song -  ‘I’m in His hands’,

I’m in His Hands, I’m in His Hands
Whate’er the future holds, I’m in His hands
The days I cannot see
Have all been planned for me
His way is best, you see
I’m in His hands

......... I know the words are true and fully believe He holds me and that His way is best.

You’ll receive a warm welcome if you visit us at the Salvation Army.