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With heart to God and hand to man


Profile of Cameron DockerillThose of you who know me well will know that I enjoy going to school more than most people my age. My keen interest at school has always been the sciences, especially Biology, for which I have received University offers to study the subject further next year. Many scientists, namely Richard Dawkins, challenge the idea of religion, stating that the world is how it is today due to millions of years of natural selection, causing evolution. And that in no way, shape or form was it created by God. However, as a young, Christian biologist, I find the inner workings of the Human body to be so intricate and incredibly functional that God must have played a part in our creation and development.

Enough of the science lesson, as I’m sure a lot of you are bored already. I often find myself feeling distant and disconnected from God during hard times in life. For me, the perfect way to re-establish your relationship with him is to look inside yourself and think about how much care and attention he must have given when creating the incredibly complex human beings that we are.


Another way to look at it would be the example of a brand new phone or other form of brand-new gadget. When we invest a lot of money into something, we expect it to work effectively and give back to us in the form of fast internet browsing or high quality pictures. It is important as Christians to give back to God by spreading his message and living as Jesus did.

In our Christian lives it is important to give him the same level of love and affection as he has given us, invested in us, and continues to give us daily. So, next time you feel as though you are out of touch with God, think about how much care and attention he put into creating us, and give it all back to him.