Peterborough Salvation Army

With heart to God and hand to man


Alvaro ProfileMy journey to faith has been long and not easy, and especially to accept Jesus in to it.

I was brought up a Roman Catholic and I stopped going to church when I was about 11. And now when I look back there have been opportunities to come and accept Jesus.

About 16 years ago I had a need to pray, I needed help, so I turned to my Church but for some reason the door wouldn't open so I ended up here in this church. I remember asking someone on reception if it was Ok to pray and they said yes. I remember too someone in a Salvation Army shirt came in and asked me if it was Ok to pray with me. I felt God's presence lifting my problems away whilst praying together.

After that I carried on as normal with my life putting this behind me and locking it away but God wouldn't let up. Even when I bought a copy of the War Cry from Ivan, who stands in the City centre every Saturday morning, inviting me to attend the church and always ending with "Jesus loves you".

I carried on as normal and even my wife would say "you should go..." but I found an excuse not to go. Sometimes I would avoid Ivan because he would always say "Jesus loves you". I couldn't accept the fact that Jesus loves me...

Then after my mother's passing in November 2012 and then my wife Ada two months later I was broken.

I turned again to the Salvation Army to do the service for my wife. After that attending the church and being welcomed by the fellowship, becoming friends with people here, and by the officers, I finally accepted Jesus in to my heart and I felt saved from despair, hopelessness and all the other emotions.

Then through this church I began to live again and not in the past but to look forward and have hope again and love.

I met Rita and we were married her in March 2016 and life is good together.

I try not to dwell on my health issues which are quite a lot and pain is a big part pf my life now. But the more pain I have the more I want to do for Jesus. Also when I read scripture now my understanding of it has changed into living words - it means something deeper. The more I read the more I want to serve God in any way I can.

I end by saying thank you and....